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TV Ad That I Like

Media Considerations

What is the ad for? (Which product): Motorola c7 mobile phone.

When did the ad air? (What time): 8:42pm

What show was it on? : House

Do you think that was an appropriate show? Why? : Yes because the target audience for house would be people in the age group of around 25-50 and this phone is been advertised at the same people in the age group.

Where was it in the ad break? Was ad 7/8 in the first section of ads in the show.

How many ads were there in the ad break? 8 ads were in the ad break.

How long (in seconds) was the actual ad? 30 seconds in length

Is the as part of a series of ads? No this is not part of a series of ads.

Is it an ad that is played frequently? The ad is not really played a lot.

Creative Considerations

Look at the camera work, editing, number of shots (quick cutting etc): The ad is backed on a 3d generated background where the model is a real person and dressed wearing futuristic clothing. The camera moves around the real person. The ad then cuts out to reveal the Motorola logo and a large picture of the phone.

Music (what type? Why?): The music played in the back ground is very peaceful �chill out genre music.

Dialogue or voice overs (or both or no sound): There is a voice over in the ad where the product is in a different tone catching the viewer�s attention stating �The stylish Motorola L7, more phone less space�

General �feel/mood� of the ad (quirky, cool etc): The general feel of the ad is a cool one, the ad is very creative and uses very high quality editing in 3 graphics. The ad is also seen as futuristic as it is digitalised every where.

Use of model or actor: There is a use of an actor in the ad.





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