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Marketing Communication tools

 Coles MYER biggest spender in the market in terms of advertising in Australia.
- Marketing communications is now a critical aspect of marketing in Australia.
- $7.5 billion spent in 2004 in marketing.
- Wolf Blass winery effectively increased sales by using the marketing communication tools mass media advertising, sponsorship and in store promotion.

Marketing Communication tools �

1. Personal selling � Person to person selling, sales people tell you direct about the product.
2. 2. Advertising � Internet/TV/bill boards a product ect.
3. Sales Promotion � Price reductions, contests, free samples, prizes
4. Sponsorship marketing � sponsoring a big sporting event or the Olympics.
5. Publicity � Mach Donald�s offering low fat foods, a news papers picks up the story.
6. Point of purchase communications � in store displays, posters, signs and more.

IMC communications process that entails the planning, creations, integration and implementation of diverse forms of marketing communications such as advertising, sales promotions, personal selling, publicity, delivered to a brands target market over time.

1st stage of the IMC process requires profiling the customers segment, the determining what most effective messages, commercials will best inform them.

Key features of IMC �

- profile the identified target market
- Use relevant type of media
- Achieve communication synergy. All communication materials must be the same i.e. TV and in store promotions must be the same style.
- Build customer relationships � which creates repeat purchases.
- Influence the target markets behavior.

Marketing communication decisions �

Positioning � brands position in a consumers mind,

Targeting � allows markets to effectively target the correct group to prevent wasteage of marketing budgets.

Setting objectives � setting goals in which you wish to achieve during your marketing communications program.

Budgeting � using a effective top down approach to effectively manage budgets.

Brand � name, term, sign, symbol or design by a seller or group of sellers.

Brand Awareness � what product comes to mind when some one states something ie �tooth paste� the first product that comes to mind is colegate toothpaste.

Co Branding � promoting the brands together ie Qantas/ ANZ

(ingredient branding) � Intel inside sticker on a dell computer as it will enhance dells credibility by using quality parts in their computer systems.




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