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TV Ad That I Dislike

Media Considerations

< What is the ad for? (Which product): Bakers Delight

When did the ad air? (What time): 8:58pm

What show was it on? : House

Do you think that was an appropriate show? Why? : Yes as it was advertising bread which is usually marketed at people in the age group of parents and people living at home these people are also the types that would be viewing house.

Where was it in the ad break? Was 3/8 in the add break.

How many ads were there in the ad break? 8 ads were in the ad break.

How long (in seconds) was the actual ad? 15 seconds in length.

Is the as part of a series of ads? Yes this ad is in a long running serious of similar ads.

Is it an ad that is played frequently? Yes this add or a similar one is always been played.

Creative Considerations

Look at the camera work, editing, number of shots (quick cutting etc): There is only one close up of the bread been stacked on a table by the worker. And a few shots of the worker moving the break around.

Music (what type? Why?): Theme song of “Bakers Delight” a piano keys tone is one of the main parts of this song.

Dialogue or voice overs (or both or no sound): Just dialogue and the theme song featuring piano keys.

General “feel/mood” of the ad (quirky, cool etc): Slow moving, cheap ad feel is portrayed in this ad. It is not very catchy and the same ad campaign has always been used for the past decade.

Use of model or actor: They use workers/actors from the stores in the ad’s.

Suggest how you would change the ad you dislike: To change the ad I would create a total new ad campaign implementing a new creative 3d ad with a futuristic campaign with better music and real actors and defiantly a new theme song.




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