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Clemenger Advertising Agency

The Companies slogan:

�The things we care about most work, work and work�

The Background information:

Clemenger started as John Clemenger in 1946 in Melbourne and expanded to Sydney in 1947. In 1972 the Clemenger group expanded worldwide and joined BBDO of New York the world�s largest marketing communications corporation.

Clemenger BBDO is currently Australia�s largest marketing communications company and employs over 1200 staff.

Address and phone number:

The Companies Clients:

Melbourne 2006


Info break


Blue scope steal


Meadow lee

ACP magazines � New idea, women�s weekly, TV week, dolly and burks backyard

Warner brother�s movie world

Sea world

Wet and wild


Emery frost

Harvey Norman

Australia government news break adds

Their most recent campaigns:

Melbourne 2006 advertising campaign

Info break ads � for supermarket items

Dulux paint wash and wear add-

Magazine TV adds from new idea, women�s weekly, TV week and dolly.

28 Oct 2005
Pepsi dancing pants

30 Sep 2005

What sort of media do they advertise in:




Outdoor billboards

Online games eg Mitsubishi 360 online game.

The Directors:


Gold for the Hann premium light beer add, received at the AFA effectiveness awards.

TV commercial for Dulux wash and wear. Awarded gold and best TV add of 2005 at the MADC awards.

My Opinion about the Advertising Agency:

Clemenger is a very impressive advertising agency with a large portfolio of exclusive clients, The web site is very creative and implements the feeling of been in a building and been taken to different levels of Clemenger on a lift. The site layout is also easy to access the data and the user has no problems. Clemenger has also scored a major contract with the Melbourne commonwealth games this shows how professional the business is and the high level of expertise the hold.





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