Search Engine Optimization
SEO Audit and SEO Quiz Which I completed.

SEO Audit

Please complete a brief analysis of, identifying issues which affect the site.
List five recommendations to improve the site in the order of importance you believe they merit.

After completing a brief review of the website I found the following SEO issues with the website.

1) None of the images on the site have �alt tags� <IMG SRC="URL" ALT="Insert your Alternative Text Here">, which will have an effect on visitors who can�t view the images due to browser restrictions and also will not allow indexing of images in search engines.

2) No evident use of a sitemap exists and in the footer code on the website there seems to be an error with the current sitemap code.


A crucial page, the privacy policy page, has an error on it, which could affect the SERPS results of the website. Also Google has been known to give penalties for sites which do not have active privacy policy, so if the privacy policy does not work it could be in receipt of such action.


The website does not contain enough relevant content on the index page, the <title> tags and <h2> tags do not match and they are using completely different keywords.
These are following tags:
<title>Earn Cash Back - Compare Prices - Computerbuyinguide</title>
<h2>Shop by category</h2>
The two tags draw no similarities and there is no specific keyword being targeted for SEO.
<h2> tags should be a keyword such as �earn cash back�

5) No use of <h1> tags can be found on the index page.

Overall the website definitely has some areas that need attention for the site to function correctly in search engines and be used to its full potential.

SEO Pop Quiz

1. What is the difference between toolbar PR and the way in which Google calculates website PageRank?

The tool bar page rank shows how popular your website is in comparison to other websites on the Internet. Google assigns your site with a rank between 0 and 10.
The most popular websites on the internet have a page rank of 10 and new websites have a page rank of 0.

Website page rank is a rank between 1-100. A website PageRank of 33 corresponds to a PageRank of 3. No one knows the exact formula as it is only known to Google themselves.

2. What should you be aware of when creating exact website Search Engine Results Page placement reports for different countries?

When creating Search Engine Results Page placement results for search engine data you need to be aware that in different countries the data centres for search engines vary. You may be ranking first in for a term yet in your rank will not be the same.

Using a basic report format such as Keyword targeting, Position of keyword, Page URL, Last Position of URL, Change in rank and Site URL is most effective if you source data from various data centers to acquire a cohesive view of where your site is ranking in different countries.

3. When you have multiple pages targeting the same keywords on a domain, what is the best way to avoid keyword cannibalization?

The best way to avoid keyword cannibalization is to remove internal duplicate content issues, such as having the same keywords being targeted through the site internal pages.

4. What are the benefits and risks associated with using the �nofollow� parameters for internal links?

The benefits of using �nofollow� parameters on internal links is to prevent your website loosing Page Rank. Also, by using the �nofollow� parameters you are saved from receiving a penalty from Google which can lead to PR going to 0 or your site been de-indexed by Google.
By adding "rel='nofollow'" to the links on the site it saves from any issues with Google.
The method of adding �nofollow� parameters also has many risks such as reducing the link value of your website and it not helping your SEO, if you do a traffic based �no-follow� link exchange.

5. What syntax do I have to use to prove which keyword (e.g.: �product X� ) is most relevant to a page under my domain (e.g.: in the Google index?

To check which page has the most relevant for �product x� in Google, you do a search for; Product X

6. What does the syntax User-Agent: *Disallow: / affect in the robots.txt file?

The syntax user agent *Disallow affects the robots.txt file, not to crawl anything which matches the following URL path.

7. What is the most acceptable way to show HTML text to search engines while creating a graphical image to display to users?

The most acceptable way to show HTML text for graphical images in search engine is using:
<IMG SRC="URL" ALT="Insert your Alternative Text Here">

Using this tag will help index the images more effectively on search engines. Also using a keyword specific file name for the image is a very important step for graphic image optimization with keyword rich labels.

8. What's likely to happen if multiple accounts on a single IP address vote up a story at Digg within a short time period?

If you are using multiple accounts on a single IP address to help boost your Digg votes the Digg account will be banned. The Digg policy is �one person, one account.�

9. Where do search engines consider content inside an iFrame to be located?

Search engines will recognize the content that is found inside an IFrame if the content is assembled by the server using an include. Then, all content is indexed and located to be part of the page and url.
Other possible locations that search engines could locate the iFrame page to be are the master page and then index the iFrame page instead of your master page.
The problem about iFrames is that they cause trouble when indexing pages and allowing bots from search engines to spider the website. iFrames often use other websites content too. You can have a iFrame displaying one story on your site at one time and then the iFrame can change to another story completely irrelevant to your pages content outside the iFrame.

10. What are the pros and cons of promoting a site through StumbleUpon?

The main pros of promoting a site through StumbleUpon are that you can receive large amounts of traffic to your website for no cost. Generating this large amount of traffic allows for rapid exposure of your website, brand or concept.
This exposure from Stumble Upon can also lead to the creation of a reader base for your blog or website very quickly. You also gain numerous back inks from StumbleUpon visitors with websites and create a long term traffic source.

The Cons of using StumbleUpon are that certain websites do not favour well on StumbelUpon. The most popular sites include those with videos, humor and any thing that is fashionable at the time.
Websites that fall outside these areas may receive low traffic and low appeal to the vast demographic user base.
The traffic on StumbleUpon is also from a broad demographic. It is not targeted traffic, which can lead to low converting traffic for your website.






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